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"Outstanding!  The children were mesmerized by his storytelling ability.  I've been working in public schools for ten years, and Chris Holder is one of the best performers!" 
 Deborah A. Freels, Principal, Wakefield Elementary School, Bel Air, Maryland  

Highlighted here are typical programs for elementry and middle school aged children.
Have another program need?  Call Chris to discuss it!

Have A Healthy Habitat! (K-3)
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The Environment Show!
Inspired by a recent residency, this new program highlights ways we can save our earth, our waterways and our air. Lots of participation with catchy tunes and tales. Covers curbing pollution, recycling, preserving habitats, and more!

YIKES! A tummy full of animals, plus tales of bears, crabs, frogs and more! Wild songs and participatory stories about animals for the young set.  Includes Bill Staines' great tune, A PLACE IN THE CHOIR.

Fin, Fur and Feathers (K-3)
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Imagination Cruise (K-3)

Cruise the landscape of the children's imagination as they go to work, go to make a startling change, or go on vacation with that maddening Wizard of the Highway. Highly participatory and highly satisfying!

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gods, heros, men
Gods, Heroes, Monsters and Men (4-6, adaptable to Middle School)
 Exciting versions of well-known myths from ancient Greece plus a modern retelling of and ancient story. Prometheus, the cyclops, Zeus and Pandora, told in a lively, hip and hilarious manner.

Tall Tales and True (2-5) From Jonny Appleseed to Paul Bunyan and John Henry, here's a performance that intruduces  children to exaggeration of tall tales and some legndary real Americans recalled in song.

SSShhh, It's Mime! (3-6) This highly participitory program introduces the art of mime - it is practiced, explained and taught. Student learn mime techniques, are included in mime senarios and take part in a group mime song.

Where In The World is Jacques Gaston? (4-6)

Before the audience's eyes genial storyteller Chris Holder gradually transforms into the crotchety and hilarious French Canadian guide, singer and raconteur, Jacques Gaston. Tunes and tales, both tall and true of turn of the century mountain life. Highly recommended!

Waterway Wanderer (3-6)
From whaling on the Hudson River to silver harpoons, Hoggie on the towpath to digging Clinton's Ditch (the Erie Canal!), Chris brings New York's river and canal past to vivid life.

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endangered animals

Other story/song programs can be arranged for older kids.  (see: performance fees)
Please feel free to inquire anytime: 

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