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"It's reassuring to have Chris Holder carry the torch of storysinging - perfect listening!"
 All Ears by  Jill Jarno   Penguin Books
For seven consecutive years the ASCAP Popular Awards Panel has honored Chris for his  songwriting with students of all ages.
Musical Storytelling on CD and Cassette
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CD Cover (Imagination)

Imagination Cruise
musical storytelling for ages 5-10

CONTENTS: Imagination Cruise, The Wizard of the Highway, I Saw It (Halley's Comet), Carolyn Plummer, I Don't Want To Go To Bed, An Important Job, Erie Canal, E-R-I-E, Oh, That Low Bridge, Joe Shablotnick, To Albany.

to hear a brief selection click on a link above or here CD clip one (Highway 360kb)
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CONTENTS: Johnny Appleseed, The Sprightly Tailor, Paul Bunyan's Out Of The Woods, Nellie Bly, CATastrophe (The Cat Came Back), Round and Round, Would I Lie To You? (The Darby Ram Tales)

to hear a brief selection click on a link above or
CD clip 2 ( Nellie Bly 460kb)
CD cover StorySinger
Grasshopper Pie

Grasshopper Pie

CONTENTS: Grasshopper Pie, Seemed Like the Waldorf, Travellin' Man, The Haying Song, The Activity Room, Crawdad, Now is the Time, Banjo Medley (waterfall,Arkansas Traveler, lament), Circus Man, Snowmobiling.

To hear a brief selection click on a link above.
Thanks for your interest and I hope you enjoy the music for a long time. - Chris
CDs are $15 Cassettes are $10, all plus tax and postage (see Order Form)
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