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Naturally, I am very pleased that you have spent so much time learning about my work through my website.  But I also encourage you to check out many other arts, arts education and arts-in-education resources.  This is a rich field, and I have many exciting and creative colleagues.

 I have listed below a number of arts organizations which may be of interest to you.  Some are clearinghouses of information, some are advocacy groups. Some assist with grants and some combine several of these tasks.  I describe them briefly, but I urge you to visit their sites to learn more.

Following the organizational list, I have included a short, unscientific and admittedly biased list of practitioner colleagues of mine in the field.  In many cases, these folks are my good friends, but I include them here also because I know they are wonderful professionals in the arts education field, and I would like for you to know of them too.  Not all of the individuals listed here have their own website.  In their cases, I have included either a phone number or email for you to be in touch.

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Power consists in one's capacity to link his will with the purpose of others, to lead by reason and a gift of cooperation.
- Woodrow Wilson

The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20566 An online resource to help artists, teachers and students gain access or share information, resources and ideas that support arts as a core subject area in the k-12 curriculum.

Association of Teaching Artists
155 South Main ST.
Fairport, NY 14450-2517 ATA is an advocacy organization, bringing together artists who teach in schools. This is a particular favorite of mine, as I was the co-founder and original co-director of ATA. Though I am no longer on their board, I support their work enthusiastically.
Center for Arts Education
225 West 34th St. Suite 701
New York, NY 10122
Funds school improvement in and through the arts efforts in NYC's five boroughs.
Empire State Partnerships
Professional Development Program

The ESP website provides extensive resources and documentation relating to the work in arts education that is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts.

New York State Alliance for Arts Education
PO Box 2217
Albany, NY 12220-0217
NYSAAE is a statewide clearinghouse of information about arts education in all its facets. They provide professional development programs, regional conferences, arts education town meetings and advocacy for arts education statewide. NYSAAE is the New York representative in the national alliance overseen by the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network. I have been a member of the board of directors of NYSAAE for about ten years and currently serve as their Vice President. 

New York State Council on the Arts
Arts in Education Program, Amy Duggins Pender, Director
 Gary Dayton, Associate
A major player in arts education across New York State. NYSCA funds many millions of dollars worth of arts education projects each year, either through direct grants in their ESP programs or through a variety of re-grant channels administered regionally around the state.

New York Foundation for the Arts
155 Avenue of the Americas, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10013-1507 Coordinates the statewide agenda involving the teaching artist as professional, in conjunction with the Association of Teaching Artists. Publishes "Chalkboard," a quarterly arts in education publication.

Partners for Arts Education
PO Box 6354
Syracuse, NY 13217

Administers the school arts partnerships and technical assistance program grants for both schools and cultural organizations. Schools and organizations statewide are eligible to apply.

Individual Artists
Remember, though I am happy to refer you to any and all of these folks, this list represents my personal bias. I like these folks and I like their work in this field. If you are interested, call or write them, investigate their references and go from there!


Rich Bala
(Hudson Valley)
Great singer and player of historical songs - revolutionary and local history songs a specialty.

Brian Chevalier
(Glens Falls)
songwriting residencies in schools

Susan Hamlin (Saratoga)
Clear-voiced singer of many tunes and styles; Irish and Celtic music a specialty

Julie Kabat
 A multi-instrumentalist, exceptional singer, composer and long-time teaching artist in school music residencies. Among her many specialties, she is a virtuoso on the glass harmonica.
John Kirk and Trish Miller (Saratoga)
 Multi-instrumentalists, singers and dancers of traditional American and Irish Music. Step dancing and clogging a specialty.

Ruth Pelham (NY Capital area)
A great singer/songwriter, community builder, peace activist and inspirational teaching artist.

Chris Shaw and Bridget Ball
(Capital area)
 Performing separately or alone these two are fine singers, instrumentalists and interpreters of traditional and contemporary songs. Adirondack tunes and tales and Christmas songs a specialty.

Susan Trump
A lovely singer, instrumentalist and residency leader. Known country-wide for her expertise on the mountain dulcimer, Susan teaches that instrument both in NY and at festivals country-wide.

George Ward   e-mail:
Folklorist, folksinger and folk treasure extraordinaire. George has been collecting stories, songs, and fans for over thirty years in New York State. A great singer, player, entertainer, teacher and folk resource, George is the genuine article in American folk music and lore.


Joe Bruchac (Saratoga)
Writer, storyteller and publisher. His Greenfield Review Press publishes many books of stories, poems and tales, concentrating especially on Native American myth and legend. Joe is part Abenaki Indian and tells many stories from the Native American tradition.

Diane Gallo (Central NY) Writer, performance poet and master teaching artist. A friend and collegue of mine for many years and, with me, the Co-Founder and original Co-Executive Director of the Association of Teaching Artists.

Bruce Hiscock (Saratoga)
Bruce is a noted author of many books combining his exquisite artistry with his love of the natural world. The Big Rock, The Big Storm and The Big Caribou Herd, among many others. A frequent residency artist in schools.

Dave Ross (Albany Area)
Children's author and illustrator

Michael Rutherford (Albany Area)
Writer, poet, and long-time teaching artist in the schools. Michael directs ALPS, a statewide writers in the schools program. He is the author of numerous works of poetry and fantasy fiction.


Bells and Motley (Syracuse area)
John and Sondra Bromka
Multi-instrumentalists, singers and dancers with a specialty in the Renaissance and medieval periods. Avid and busy leaders of in school residencies both here and abroad.

Catskill Puppet People (Hudson Valley)
Highly skilled puppeteers with a wide variety of story programs for schools 

Ivy Vine Players
(Hudson Valley)
Cast of thousands managed by puppeteer, Grian MacGregor, wearing her own stage.

Movement Theatre (Albany area) 518-674-8715
Rich Kuperberg, Director
Mime, dance and memorable theatricals in the Etienne Decroux style

Puppet People (Schenectady)
Excellent and extravagant fairy tales and stories by a talented husband and wife team

Jim Snack
(Albany area)
My favorite magician for over twenty five years. Jim is equally comfortable in corporate boardrooms as he is in 3rd grade classrooms. Highly skilled and always entertaining.  


Druis Beasley (Albany area)
Long-term teaching artist and storyteller. Specializes in African-American tales.

Beauty and the Beast (Ithaca)
 Tandem storytellers Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton have been telling internationally (and writing books on storytelling) for many years. Always a treat.

Eshu Bumpus
(Northampton, MA area)
Teller of many styles, with African-American tales a specialty

Jeannine Laverty
(Saratoga) 518-587-8932
Widely revered storyteller and teacher of all genres

Tom McCabe (N. England)
Boisterous, colorful and beloved New England storyteller. Wears shoes covered with hundreds of buttons given to him by schoolchildren from across the country.

Motoko (Northampton, MA area)
Teller of many Far eastern tales, especially Japanese.

Susan Fantl Spivack (Cobleskill)
Poet and storyteller and residency teaching artist. Specializes in stories of peace, tolerance and Native American traditions.

Storycrafters (Hudson Valley)
Jeri Burns and Barry Marshall are exuberant tandem storytellers, popular with both school and public audiences. 

Dance/Visual Arts

Colin Coots
(Rochester) 585-768-7682
Painter, sculptor, naturalist and raconteur. Colin is a favorite teaching artist across the country. Kids love his easy, humorous manner and are inspired by his extraordinary artistic skills. 

eba Dance Theatre (Albany)
Maude Baum, Director
Dance troupe with wide experience in arts in education residencies. Integration of curriculum themes through many genres of dance a specialty.

Lori Lawrence (Albany) 518-465-0780
Visual artist/painter/muralist and leader of numerous in-school visual arts residencies.

Vanaver Caravan (Hudson Valley)
  Bill and Livia Vanaver, Directors
An exuberant, multi-talented and varied troupe of dancers, singers and instrumentalists who present dance residencies and classes in many styles of world dance.

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