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"Your songs are spectacular your stories are  enchanting and your audiences are spellbound "
 - Stan Ransom, No. Country Library Association
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Welcome to the Chris Holder Website. I present songs, stories, and storysongs for all ages - young children, older kids and adults.  Every program is designed to fit your request or theme.  Glad you came to visit 

For schools and organizations eager to pursue in-depth theme or curriculum-based arts projects, I'm sure you will  wish to start with Bio and References to learn a little more of my background and skills. Then maybe a look into School Performances if you're looking for in-school performance programs, or Public Concerts either for schools or for the public venues of concert halls, libraries, festivals and town parks. For schools and organizations eager to pursue in-depth theme or curriculum-based arts projects, please visit the Residencies page - there's a lot of information there, so sit back and enjoy.

Don't forget Tapes and CDs - I've got some great family and adult recordings of songs and stories for all ages you can easily order by just printing out my form and following the simple directions!

As a working artist I support my own profession, colleagues and fellow artists. The exciting new Association of Teaching Artists, is one major element of my Arts Advocacy; maybe you will want to be involved too.

Again, thanks so much for your visit!  I'll be hoping to be in touch with you soon.

Chris Holder via E-mail

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Chris Holder is a member of the following Professional Organizations
NYS Alliance for Arts Education
Association of Teaching Artists
Actors Equity
Childrens Music Network
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

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